Sheet masks- A new revolution

I would like to talk about sheetmasks , which are available very frequently and easy on pocket as well

Are these good enough to be compared with the age old face masks…

Well I would like to say that if you are looking for easy hassle free way to pamper your skin then they are your thing. All you have to do is tear a packet and apply directly on your face for 10-20mins.

Sheet mask are made of variety of material like fibre, gel, papers.they came in one size which fits everybody.

Best way to apply is first you need to clean your face. Open a packet and apply extra dripping serum in face which will help in sticking the mask easy. Place the mask on face and start patting from forehead to downward for perfect application. Keep it for 20 mins at least for getting all the serum soaked by your face skin. 15- 20 mind are more than enough to get all that nourishing serum from the mask. Remove it and message the product on your skin. And voila you are ready to rock.

Though the easy applicator but effects last just a day or two max…

so you can apply it twice a week or as per your preference.

Their are lots of variety available on line these days. You can chose as per your need and requirement.

You can use it while traveling as well. So do give it a try once and see if it’s changes your pampering routine or not.

Lots of care….