Skin care this Holi

Greetings everybody,

Holi festival of colours. Everyone gets so excited to play with Colors and water. But one should not forget the after effects of all the chemical laden colors on your skin.

So, today I would like to share few skin care tips before and after Holi so that you can enjoy this festival without any worries.

First and foremost thing that we should use herbal colours which are skin and environment friendly.

Before Holi care

Oiling is the key to prevent your skin from harmful chemicals and colour laden water. You should apply oil in your hairs and skin. You can apply Vaseline also so that a barrier will be created.

Take extra care about eyes, ears and nails. Apply a coat of nail base on your nails

Cover yourself properly. Wear cotton dresses.

Apply an generous amount of sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

If your hairs are chemically treated cover them with scarf or bandana.

After care

After drenching yourself in colors don’t try to remove it by rubbing your skin. But try herbal cleanser and shampoo to remove the color.

Lather good amount of moisturiser and let your skin breath for a while.

Try to schedule your parlour visit after 3-4 days after Holi as skin is already irritated.

Hope this post will be of some help to you all. Have a Happy and colourful Holi.

Take care!!!

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