Dermaplanning- Shaving or Exfoliation

Beauty industry is very versatile, every other day you see a new trend.

Recently I got across this word dermaplanning…so I searched and collected quite information regarding this.

Dermaplanning is actually shaving your face skin with a scalpel but the main motives is to exfoliate rather than hair removal.

But unlike shaving it is to be done on dry cleansed skin with sharp blade in downward soft motions.

As all the peach fuzz is removed your face actually become smoother and glowing.

Different experts have different opinion about dermaplanning.

Dermaplanning removes all the dead skin cells which makes your skin more bright. And thus it allows the skin care products to penetrate more easily as their is no barrier in between.

It is far safer for pregnant and lactating ladies than using other chemical method.

It has long term effect on reducing wrinkles , less dark spots and helps in reduction of acne as cell rejuvenate at faster.

For makeup lovers it is a boon as the makeup goes smooth and lovely on hairless skin.

It’s a painless method to remove facial baby hairs thus people with less pain threshold prefer it.

So if you want to remove facial hairs then their is lot of other options like waxing, threading , laser. Dermaplanning is mainly used for exfoliation and it should be done by a professional.

If you have any question or ideas regarding dermaplanning please share.


My skin care

Hello beauties,

Today I would like to share with you all the products I use for my skin. This is going to be little lengthy post but I’ll try to keep it short.Most of the product I am using is from biotique, as they are based on Ayurveda and less on chemicals plus they are easy on pocket. 😊

as I said earlier I am using mostly product from biotique.

I start my skin care routine with Bio honey gel face wash. It has pump dispesncer which get stuck sometimes.It’s a soap free gel which is doing ok for my combination skin.

After cleaning I use Dabur gulabari as toner. Then I apply Dandelion visibly ageless serum from biotique. It’s very lightweight and gets absorb easily in skin.

for lips I use Vaseline lip care and Vaseline cocoa glow as a body lotion.

then I apply bio almond eye cream. I have dark circles under my eyes. And since I have started using this I noticed some difference in darkness.

I use morning nectar visibly flawless skin moisturiser all over my face and neck area. This also helps in preventing fine lines. I won’t say it reduce fine lines but it is mosturing and perfect for my dry combination skin. I have used it in all winters and never felt dryness in face. All in all it’s good product but I am thinking to give a try to something else.

I have recently bought this Palmer skin therapy oil .Earlier I was using almond oil at night time but now from last one week I am applying this oil . It smells very nice and light weight oil which gets absorb very easily. It has retinol and vitamin c which is good for skin.

after my pregnancy I had lots of stretch marks at my stomach area . I have tried lots of things but in vain. Now a days I am using mama earth body cream for stretch marks and scars. It has Shea butter , peptides and milk protein. I can’t say much but I feel the stretch marks have smoothed a bit ,not much. I have hopes and will keep using it let’s see what happens . It’s a very thick cream which I have to massage to be absorbed properly in skin. But the fragrance is very strong. Which I can bear seeing its effect in a month.


Once in a week I pamper myself with cleansing in which first I use biowalnut scrub and then apply bio fruit face pack from biotique.

As you can see most of skin care product I use in chemical free and herbal in nature.

These days I am trying sheet masks also but that I will cover some other post.

Thanks for you patience.

Please share your comments and suggestion . I would really like to hear from you all.